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A bedroom needs to be warm and welcoming, safe and secure, comfortable and cosy. But there’s also room for stylish and sexy, exciting and enticing, outrageous and outlandish.

Heuga bedroom flooring
Heuga’s carpet tiles for the bedroom are chosen for warmth, comfort and softness.
They also give you the opportunity to be creative, with both bright and neutral colours available to fit in with your own décor ideas.

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Fresh Flavour

Fresh Flavour is a stylish collection of carpet tiles with a contemporary look. A combination of gloss and matt fibres adds a sense of luxury to the product. Fresh Flavour is available in a range of 12 natural shades.

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Country Classic/2

Made from 100% natural wool with 63% from New Zealand for extra comfort and 37% from the Highlands of Scotland for greater durability. Also 100% climate neutral.

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Really Random

Based on colours and patterns found on the forest floor this product is perfect for creating a natural effect. Its random design makes installation easy as you can lay tiles in any direction and this keeps waste to a minimum.

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Le Bistro

Ideal in kitchens/dining rooms, these top quality carpet tiles are practical and look great. Easy to clean yet soft and comfortable. Why not mix colours to create stripes, borders or your own design?

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