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What is Interlay?

Interlay is a loose-lay resilient underfloor in the form of 50cm x 50cm tiles, specially designed for use with Heuga carpet tiles. Interlay provides you with maximum comfort and helps to reduce room noise problems.

Why Interlay?

Thanks to the sound reducing qualities of Interlay they considerably improve the acoustics in your home. When installing Interlay in combination with Heuga loop pile or cut pile carpet tiles, you will achieve a noise reduction of 4 dB. This can be particularly useful for residents of upper floors and apartment buildings. When combining Interlay with Heuga carpet tiles, you can even achieve an additional noise absorption.

For whom is Interlay

Interlay is suitable for anyone wanting to improve the floor comfort and acoustics in their home. We advise that this underfloor is used in combination with the following Heuga ranges :

  • Country Classic/2
  • Country Contemporary
  • Lazy Lounge/2
  • Puzzle Pieces/2
  • Soft Senses

Advantages of Interlay

Easy fitting

Interlay can be fitted simply and quickly without gluing. You fit the Heuga carpet tiles in stretcher bond to the sublfoor using TacTiles ™ - our glue free installation system. These small, invisible adhesive squares are placed under the corners of the carpet tiles, to keep them firmly in place together , do not attached the carpet tiles to Interlay

More comfort

Interlay gives your carpet tiles extra resilience and support with added underfoot comfort benefiting your whole body in subtle ways.


There is no adhesive used when fitting the Interlay and the carpet tiles, so that the tiles are easily replaced. You can quickly update your floor with new carpet tiles, without have to remove adhesive.

Long life and cost savings

Interlay is an extremely durable product which will guarantee you many years of pleasure. When replacing the carpet tiles, Interlay does not need to be renewed, which saves you time and money . Heuga carpet tiles will also benefit from a longer life when fitted in combination with Interlay.