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Stories from Heuga customers

We love to see how people are using our products and it is great to share these ideas here on our website. Be inspired and see how our customers are transforming their space with Heuga unique flooring designs. If you have created an inspirational floor design and you would like to share it with us, please send us an email with an image(s) and your story to and you may see it here on our website.


My dog loves the new carpet.

Heuga carpet tiles used: Funky Feet/2


A few weeks ago a few Heuga Facebookfans were selected and won a free carpet of their choice. One of those winners emailed this lovely picture with the winning Funky Feet/2 carpet in Agate Grey. "I received the carpet the very next day and opened it immediately. The instructions were very understanding and clear. Here is picture of the carpet in our livingroom. My dog absolutely loves it and plus it fits in very nicely with the furniture."

Mitko Donovski, Skopje (Macedonië)

Create your own dream Rug with Carpet Tiles

Heuga carpet tiles used: Lazy Lounge and Puzzle Pieces


Some time ago I was flipping through a lifestyle magazine, when my eye caught a rug competition from Heuga saying "Win your self-designed dream rug". I got enthusiastic straight away. I thought it would be great to create your own design choosing from different carpet tile designs from the Heuga range. First I ordered the Heuga brochure to get an idea of the different colours available. I was impressed by the options, there are so many! Not only the spectrum of colours is great, there are also many different textures to choose from. I started with my design right away. I chose a combination of high and cut pile tiles in different shades of purple which match perfectly with my décor. I submitted my design and was really surprised to receive a phone call telling me I was the winner a few weeks later!

Fitting my rug was easy with the so-called TacTiles which were included in the delivery. These are connectors that you use to stick the tiles within your rug together. I'm very pleased with the result. The mixture of high and cut pile finishes and the beautiful colours create warmth in my home. And it's very easy to change the design if I want. All I need to do is detach the tiles and create another design. Or change a few tiles by another colour for a completely new look!

Jolanda Lommers, Zwijndrecht

Change a Boring Space into Something Unique


Initially we decided against carpets and installed laminate throughout our apartment, but soon we found it cold and lacking any character. We got the idea from a magazine to create our own rug using Heuga carpet tiles and this meant we could put our own stamp on the design choosing the colours and layout ourselves. So this is what we did! We are really pleased to have created our own self-designed rug and we are delighted with the end result.

Fun Flooring for Kids' Rooms

Heuga carpet tiles used: Puzzle Pieces/2


I created this floor for my niece's bedroom using PuzzlePieces. The caterpillar design on the floor was a direct copy of a picture on the wallpaper border in her bedroom. Using carpet tiles like this is a great way to coordinate the room and create a fun atmosphere. Drawing the design on the tiles and cutting the tiles was a bit tricky. I spent a whole day drawing each section of the caterpillar onto paper then had to cut very carefully and make sure to get it all to match up but it was definitely worth it to get such a great result. My niece was thrilled and really loves it!

Sharon Hart, Hertfordshire, UK

Daisy Design in Coloured Carpet Tiles

Heuga carpet tiles used: Tender Touch en Soft Senses


This is a picture of my daughter's bedroom. My daughter's name is Daisy and I wanted to do something special in her bedroom and designed the theme personally for her. I used a few different colours of carpet tiles from the Tender Touch and Soft Senses ranges. Towards the bed I drew and cut a moon and a star. I did the template for this design using a dinner plate (centre of the daisy) the weighing tray from my scales (for the petals) and then drew the stalk and leaves by hand. It is nice to be able to do something unique in the bedroom and not -

many people seem to do something interesting on the floor so I’m really pleased with this and my daughter thinks it's really cool.

Colourful Kitchen Floor in Le Bistro Carpet Tiles

Heuga carpet tiles used: Le Bistro


I thought you would like to see how good our kitchen looks with our new Heuga flooring.
We are delighted with it.
Everyone who has seen the floor has been very impressed.

TV Makeover Shows

Heuga carpet tiles used: PuzzlePieces.

PuzzlePieces is a great design for ITV's 60 Minute Makeover

The home decoration show featured the bedroom of a young boy called Finn. Two year old Finn has Cerebral Palsy and his bedroom was transformed with a fantastic racing car theme.

Interior designer John Amabile created stripes in 3 colours of PuzzlePieces. This created a smart soft look that was appropriate to the racing car theme. A practical and stylish choice, carpet tiles are great for creating something unique, which can be as simple or as flamboyant as you like.

Unfortunately the image from the show doesn't show much of the floor, but see below for two fun designs (one stripey and one hopscoth) created using Heuga carpet tiles.

Property Ladder Makeover

Heuga carpet tiles used: Funky Feet

Living room makeover on Property Ladder

We were renovating a run down art deco house to a very high standard and wanted a quality contemporary flooring upstairs. We chose Heuga carpet tiles because they have that "wow" factor which we were looking for. They were perfect to put onto the solid oak flooring which we were anxious to preserve but wanted the warmth and luxury of carpet on the floors.

They were fitted easily and quickly and have not damaged the flooring beneath them at all. The added benefit of carpet tiles is that if, or should I say when, our two year old son does some irreparable damage to part of the carpet in his room we won't need to replace the whole lot - a tile or two will certainly work out much cheaper. Also we are thinking of maybe integrating some different colour tiles in some of the rooms to make a truly funky and different look. With carpet tiles the possibilities are endless and we can change the look whenever we wish for little effort and expense. We are absolutely thrilled with the finished product.


Tina Young
Property Developer
As featured on Channel 4's Property ladder

WoodWork from Heuga - perfect soft replacement for Laminate Flooring

Heuga carpet tiles used: WoodWork


I am really pleased with our new floor from Heuga. Previously we had laminate flooring throughout our living room, but this was cold and hard. With this stylish modular flooring we have a great wood-effect look, but with all the benefits of soft flooring.
It is ideal for our kids to play on as it is warm and soft. In the picture this is me with my daughters Amy and Katy who love their new play area. Because it is soft, it is also quieter and safer so I can leave them to play safely in peace. The laminate flooring was difficult to keep clean with the constant accumulation of dust and cat hairs, but this is no longer a problem and I just vacuum the floor as normal.
At first, I was reluctant to buy carpet tiles as I thought they would be old fashioned, but the Heuga website is really inspiring and their products are really modern and trendy. I would certainly recommend them especially the WoodWork range which is a really stylish design.

Soft Rug Effect to Create Separate Dining Space

Heuga carpet tiles used: Puzzle Pieces

ZeistRug1This is the dining area in my home before I laid any carpet tiles. My house is open plan downstairs with the living room leading into the dining room space.

I wanted to create a separately defined area for eating and I read somewhere that carpet tiles were a great solution for zoning and defining a separate area in the home.

The whole of the downstairs area is laminate floor so it was pretty boring before I added some colour and softness with the carpet tiles in nice modern shades of cream and blue.

I ordered 2m2 (8 tiles) of five colours so I had 40 tiles to play with. I tried out a few different layouts including stripes, chequerboard and random patterns.

Dining Space - random pattern in cream and blue carpet tiles
I read in the Design Assistant section of the Heuga website that different patterns have an effect on how you view a room and it was interesting to see how different the room looked with the different designs.Dining Space - carpet tile stripes in shades of cream and blue
I finally settled for a nice pattern using all the colours. I used some of the left over tiles in the living room to create a rug in there as it breaks up the laminate flooring and adds a bit of colour to the room. Again I simply laid them on the laminate flooring and stuck them down with double sided tape. Dining Space - chequerboard pattern in cream and blue carpet tiles
I am really pleased with the rug I designed as it separates the dining area and brightens up the whole space. I enjoyed trying out different patterns with the carpet tiles before settling on the final one and sticking the tiles down with double sided tape.

Dining Space - final floor design with furniture

If I fancy a change I can simply move the tiles around which is really neat!