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Heuga... corporate information

Heuga Home Flooring is a division of Interface Inc, the world's largest manufacturer of modular commercial flooring. As a global company, Interface produces carpet tiles from 6 continents around the world and sells products and services in more than 100 countries. As a worldwide group Interface Inc is commited to achieving sustainability and ultimately to become a restorative company - one that uses less of the earth's natural resources than it consumes. For many people, sustainability translates into 'environmentally friendly' but it is much broader than this. It represents much more than reducing waste, protecting wildlife species and recycling. Sustainability is a process. For more detailed information on our commitment,

Please click here to visit our sustainability website:

Company Details

Heuga Home Flooring bv Industrielaan 15
3925 BD Scherpenzeel
The Netherlands

Telephone :  +31 (0)33 277 5850
Fax              :  +31 (0)33 277 5727
Email          :

Director     :  Jan Hasselman
VAT no.      :  NL812360357B01

Registered in Amersfoort, The Netherlands no. 32098336