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About Heuga


Since 1956, Heuga has sold modular, sustainable carpet tiles that are suitable for every room in the house. From the living room to the home office and from the kitchen to the hallway, to use as wall-to-wall floor covering or to use as a rug. We believe that people should be given the opportunity of choosing a floor that matches their taste and their interior in every way. With Heuga carpet tiles you combine quality with a wide range of colours, textures and patterns. The possibilities are endless.

With new ranges and new colours, our carpet tiles are now more than ever in tune with the latest colour trends in modern furnishing and home fabrics. Some of our carpet tiles are antimicrobial and all help reduce allergic reactions to dust. And Heuga is sustainable, leading some of the world's best-known brands in a recent survey of independent sustainability experts.

The history of Heuga

More than fifty-five years have passed since Heuga invented the carpet tile. The carpet tile was conceived by Petrus Johannes van Heugten and first became commercially available in 1958. This inventor started out by producing saddle blankets and hand warmers made from felt. An outstanding material, which he believed could be put to many more uses. So he went on to design and develop all kinds of new products such as kneeling cushions and stair runners. In 1950, Van Heugten started his own experiments with felt carpeting. This initial attempt was a dyed jute fabric with a felt underlay. Whether he did so consciously or in a surge of creativity nobody can say, but whatever the case, he suddenly turned the product on its head: the jute became the underlay and the felt became the top layer. The first carpets, still as roll stock at that time, were introduced to the market in 1952.

With innovative practicality and product excellence, Heuga leads the way in 'carpet in a box' functionality. Heuga brings design flair, modern colour and classic textures to your home. Our carpet tiles are used all over the world, both for residential and commercial use. The Heuga brand is now part of Interface, established in 1973 when Ray Anderson recognised the need for flexible floor coverings and began manufacturing and distributing modular carpet tiles and has grown over the last 40 years through internal growth and strategic acquisitions. Interface is now the largest commercial carpet manufacturer in the world and ris one of the most important brands in the area of sustainability in the world.